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Jürgen Altziebler

September 2, 2023

As the co-founder and CEO of Dock Energy Inc., I am thrilled to introduce Dock to the broader clean energy community. Dock is a smart software platform which, since 2018, has helped CleanCapital go from a startup to a top ten commercial solar asset owner.

As a technologist, product builder and user advocate with CleanCapital, I had the pleasure of working alongside the best in the industry, which allowed us to blend clean energy finance and management expertise with creative software solutions. But first, let’s start at the beginning.

How we started

Dock’s story begins like most software startups, in a bar over drinks and napkins.  I kid you not.  I met CleanCapital’s founder and CEO Thomas Byrne in New York City one lovely late summer afternoon in 2016. At the time, I was working at Elasticsearch, a billion-dollar software unicorn that processes massive amounts of data beyond imagination.  Thom had a brilliant vision- to bring large financial funds into clean energy and therefore grow the industry.  In order to scale and make it repeatable, we needed a new kind of digital round table so all types of users, from sellers to investors and attorneys to advisors, could work together. And just like that, Dock was born. Fast forward to 2023- Dock has supported over $1 billion in clean energy transactions, encompassing more than 230 solar projects and 440 MW of clean renewable power. It took over 1,300 users and 94,000 documents in Dock to accomplish that.

The problems we need to solve together

Despite all the progress in clean energy and the electrification of everything, oil and gas consumption is at an all-time high. The energy transition needs to happen faster. While global investment in renewable energy reached a record high in 2022 at $500 billion, it represented less than 40% of the average investment needed each year between 2021 and 2030 to limit global warming to 1.5°C. Trillions of dollars of new capital are ready to be deployed into the energy transition, but capital alone is no panacea. Today’s business owners are faced with:

• Ephemeral documents and inefficient information in data silos  
• Increased costs and extended timelines due to workflow bottlenecks
• High transaction and operational costs due to inefficiencies and lack of proper tools
• Go-to-market is time and labor intensive

Dock- your business platform

Dock is your business infrastructure for clean energy.  We are a unified software and services platform that simplifies finance transactions and operations, breaking down data silos between owners, partners, service providers, and giving users the right tools for due diligence or management tasks. A smart, yet easy-to-use application with intuitive capabilities that put you in control of your data and workflows.  We are poised to solve problems for the clean energy industry by reducing costs for developers and owners of renewable energy assets.  Dock is made for clean energy. We will support sellers for clean energy projects and assets in the future to help you grow and change the world. We are excited about what’s next and we are ready to support you.

Join us is for everyone in clean energy. If you are a developer or owner of clean energy assets, an investor or potential buyer, an insurance broker or risk manager, an independent engineer or a financial institution, please get in touch.